American High School Academy



Through our website, we will introduce you to our students, faculty, administration, and the various educational programs offered. replica watches American High School Academy Schools is, indeed, very unique. You will see that our days are filled with activities designed to interest, challenge, and stimulate our students, who come from a wide variety of cultures, all learn to strive for excellence in academics, community service, the arts, athletics and cultural activities.

Traditional education at American High School Academy is challenging, and the expectations are high, but there is always a constant willingness to offer the helping hand that is occasionally, so necessary. American High School Academy is defined by our people, people who: positively influence us, who make us feel special, who challenge us, and who push us past our own expectations. We abound with people whose love of learning provide an example for our students to emulate.



American High School Academy।ucational programs donવst end with traditional 6th -12th grade education. American High School Academyलop-out prevention & specialized educational programs serve as an alternative route to graduation for students who are at risk of replicas magic dropping out of school. Some students drop out of school to care for children or to work. Some have missed too much school and worry they are too blueskyjammies far behind to catch up. Others are not comfortable in large classes.  No matter what challenges they face, students can find academic success through the various educational programs offered by American High School Academy Schools.

Mr. Reinaldo Valentino

Head of Schools

American High School Academy