American High School Academy


Special Needs / Alternative School

A highly individualized private school program designed for high school students with: Learning disabilities, Behavioral problems, Parental responsibilities, and for students at risk of Dropping out.

              How it Works:

         The full time enrollment program of American High School Academy is based in a traditional classroom setting utilizing modern and innovative forms of learning and instruction for 9-12th grade students. Full time enrollment students are required to attend 4 hour classroom sessions, 5 days per week throughout the school year. Individualized curriculums are prepared by our certified teachers based on review and evaluation of previously earned high school credits of the student. Once admitted, students are exposed to a more lab based classroom experience learning from an array of educational materials in conjunction with instruction, small student to teacher ratio, individualized activities and examinations, all self pace based. Instructors are on hand to assist students in all areas of learning pertaining to reading comprehension, note taking, essay compositions, test taking, and studying all required courses of their prescribed curriculum. The academic development of students is evaluated by certified teaching professionals daily, weekly, and quarterly based on areas such as: attendance, examinations, assignments etc… to ensure students success in terms of a structured stress free environment. Once all required assignments and examinations are completed from every course satisfactorily, students receive an official High School Diploma, and may meet with counselors for assistance in applying to Public or Private Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools, Professions, and the Military.


Tuition: Alternative & Special Needs: Full Time Enrollment

Registration Fee of $335.00 + $675.00 Monthly

Amount Due at Registration $1,010.00 + Tax $1,080.70


This program requires Traditional School Attendance


CONTACT A COUNSELOR (305) 270-1440